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American Horror Story Season 12 Title & Trailer Revealed


FX and Hulu have officially unveiled the official title for American Horror Story Season 12. Fans may anticipate an intriguing new plot that explores the psychological horrors of the human experience while maintaining the show’s trademark tension and intrigue.

“American Horror Story” Season 12 takes a novel approach and, in a radical departure from earlier seasons, is inspired, at least in part, by a book. To create the terrifying story for the next season, the show’s creative team looked to Danielle Valentine’s upcoming book, “Delicate Condition,” which will be published in August.

The upcoming season’s stars, including Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts, are already featured in the marketing campaign, offering fans a sneak peek. Photographs taken by paparazzi on the New York City set show the performers in costume, with Kim Kardashian rocking a blonde wig and a strange black garment while cradling a child.

The “American Horror Story: Delicate” trailer has a spooky vibe that is reminiscent of the iconic horror movie “Rosemary’s Baby.” The suspense is heightened by the presence of menacing imagery of a cradle and a carriage as faceless creatures move in an eerie circle.

Zachary Quinto, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Odessa A’zion, Debra Monk, and Julie Monk are all-stars in the series. Although specifics have not yet been revealed, the teaser has been successful in piquing viewers’ and fans’ interest.

Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, stated his excitement for Kim Kardashian joining the cast and lauded her stature as one of the most well-known television personalities in the world. He and Emma Roberts are thrilled to be working with Kim Kardashian and point out that Halley Feiffer has written a thrilling and terrifying role, especially for her.

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