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Love is Blind Season 3: Are Cole and Zanab Still Together?


Are Cole and Zanab Still Together? Where is Cole from Love is Blind now? Where is Zanab from Love is Blind now? – The third season finale of Love is Blind is almost here! The popular reality dating program’s episodes 11 and 12 will be available on Netflix on November 9 at 3 a.m. ET. The four remaining couples will decide whether to say “I Do” or “I Don’t” to their partner of four weeks in episode 11.

We’re all eager to find out who said “I do” and who kept their wedding vows as the third season’s couples made their way down the aisle. Following the emotional penultimate episode, viewers wondered if Raven and SK were still together. Following the reunion and conclusion episodes, viewers wonder if Alexa and Brennon are still together and if Bartise and Nancy are still together.

Cole and Zanab are another duos who has TV viewers scratching their heads. The two may have experienced the roughest ride of all the characters on the show as they battled personality clashes and communication issues. To top it off, Cole admitted to giving Zanab a “nine out of ten” while giving Colleen, another participant, a “10 out of ten.” Fans of Love is Blind now want to know if Cole and Zanab got married and if their relationship is still going strong.

Many people won’t be shocked to learn that Cole and Zanab are not dating each other. Zanab was the one who uttered the words “I don’t” at the altar, even though Cole appeared to be having misgivings the entire time.

She said that she had “totally” fallen for Cole, but she also stated, “You have mistreated me, insulted me, criticised me, and for what it’s worth, you have single-handedly demolished my self-confidence, and I hate that you have had that sort of effect on me.”

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Are Cole and Zanab Still Together From Love is Blind?

Added her: “The weird thing is that even though I know I love you, everything inside of me and my logical mind tells me that love shouldn’t hurt like this and shouldn’t feel this way. I’m unable to wed you.”

Although Cole and Zanab developed a great bond in the pods because to their common desire for many kids and their firm religious beliefs, the remainder of their time on the show was difficult. Cole in particular struggled to declare his affection to fellow participant Colleen and make the link between the Zanab he spoke to in the pods and the woman he met outside of them. Cole’s question to Zanab about whether or not she was bipolar due to her “attitude” also outraged some viewers.

Cole was overcome with emotion and addressed the camera after Zanab’s outburst at the altar: “Why has she never told me that directly. She made her decision now since she was aware that doing so in front of my friends and family would inflict further pain.”

The wedding day was “one of the worst experiences of my life,” he continued.

Even though Zanab doesn’t follow Cole back on Instagram, he still does. Alongside a series of behind-the-scenes images (opens in new tab), he wrote: “I’ve shared lots of adorable photos of the couple’s time together on the programme.” “Watching us struggle in Malibu is incredibly upsetting, and I would fix the errors and those specific instances if I could. Here are some of the moments I’ll never forget during the highs and lows we experienced.”

It’s a given that Zanab doesn’t feel the same way about her ex-fiance. The two hadn’t spoken or seen each other since the wedding, and at the reunion, she divulged some private information about her relationship with Cole, with the support of the other girls. These allegations include that he body-shamed Zanab and obtained a girl’s number during his bachelor celebration, both of which Cole refutes.

Zanab said she has no regrets in an interview with Cosmo (opens in new tab), but the piece of advice she would give to women looking for love is “As corny as it may seem, just be yourself. Wear your heart on your sleeve and be open to vulnerability “She continued by saying she does think love is blind.

She also discussed her connection with Cole and some of the remarks he made about her on the show in an interview with Variety (opens in new tab). She uttered: “I did care for him. I was hurt by what he was saying to me. I was attempting to somehow improve my attractiveness to him, whether it was by being thinner or… I’ve never had someone talk to me about my physique or what I eat in that way. For me, that felt really genuine.”

Added her: “Not being able to get married crushed me. I was disappointed that my great love did not develop into a stable relationship that led to a joyful marriage.”

Cole has not yet made any public statements about his Love is Blind connection, but during the reunion episode, he defended his actions and claimed that he was “crushed” after the wedding. Cole said when Zanab stated that he had attempted to limit her diet “What a funny thing. Never once did I give a damn about your diet. What are you referring to?”

Where is Cole from Love is Blind Season 3 Now?

Cole continues to be a realtor while residing in Fort Worth, Texas. He appears to still be tight with a few of the other Love is Blind boys.

Recently, he posted a picture of himself with SK with the caption: “I had a great time spending the day with @sk4ever2. We conducted numerous interviews while both of us remained awake. Extremely diligent and down to earth.” As part of Matt and SK’s bachelor party, he also uploaded a video (opens in new tab) showing himself with them leaving for a rodeo.

Cole posted many pictures of himself holding another girl’s arm back in February. Fans were quick to conclude, with many remarking on how much his companion in the picture resembled Colleen, although he provided no proof of the nature of their relationship and hasn’t posted with her since.

Where is Zanab from Love is Blind Season 3 Now?

Zanab has shared numerous pictures of herself looking glamorous on her Instagram (opens in new tab), as well as one of herself attending the Austin City Limits music festival, so it’s clear that she’s been enjoying herself since her time on Love is Blind.

But since leaving the show, things haven’t been easy for her. According to Zanab’s interview with Variety, she sought treatment after the wedding to help her get ready for looking back on her experience on the show when it was rerun.

She uttered: “I’ve been receiving therapy for a year, and I anticipate keeping up with it because I find it to be so beneficial. I’ve been so self-centered this year and poured into myself, loved myself fiercely, and gave myself those affirmations because I never want to be in that low of a relationship again. I’ve taken everything the relationship taught me. I want to give someone my happiest, healthiest self.”

On November 9, check Netflix to see which Love is Blind couples remained together and which split up.

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