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Chicago PD Season 10: Who plays Sean O’Neal, the son of Police Chief O’Neal?

Chicago PD season 10 Who plays Sean O 'Neal the son of Police Chief-

The Intelligence Unit at the Chicago PD and Detective Sergeant Hank Voight are the stars of the NBC television series Chicago PD, which chronicles their efforts to fight crime and bring offenders to justice. The return of Chief Patrick O’Neal played by Michael Gaston was one of several significant developments that occurred with the Chicago PD season 10 premiere. You might have observed If he first appeared in the Season 2 episode “Prison Ball” of “Chicago P.D.” He is still a drug enforcement officer. His actions with Voight’s methods appear to be fundamentally dissimilar. At the conclusion of the season 10 premiere, the two men have a conversation and appear to come to an agreement about how they will work together going forward. Now He has a major upcoming storyline. We are going to get some information about his background. The chief’s son has a few rough edges but has a lot in common with Voight. If you are interested to know Who is Chief Patrick O’Neal’s son and who plays the role of the son of Police Chief O’Neal. (otavotv.com) here we have all details.

Who plays Sean the son of Police Chief O’Neal?

Sean, the son of Police Chief Petrick  O’Neal (Michael Gaston), has been portrayed by Jefferson White in a recurring role. Sean will work with Intelligence on a case involving a human trafficking organization in his first episode, which air on October 19 episode 5 of season 10 with the title Pink Cloud.  On Yellowstone, Jimmy played by White was last seen returning to Texas after leaving the Dutton ranch behind, with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) giving him permission to make that decision. However, Jimmy is a member of the Season 5 cast, raising the possibility that something will bring him back.

Chicago PD explores the character’s journey as Jefferson White

Upton will take the stage in this week’s Chicago PD episode when she collaborates with her team to locate a missing girl. When the squad discovers that the disappearance is associated with a human trafficking ring, Chief O’Neal is forced to use his personal resources to solve the case. Sean, the Chief’s son, steps in at this point to assist Upton in solving the case using his network.

Actor Jefferson White remarked in a TVline interview on Sean’s significance in the case,

According to White, who spoke to TVLine, “He’s got access to communities that don’t necessarily trust the CPD because of the history and tension,” White explained to TVLine. Sean’s relationship with his father is much better after he fought his addiction and now helps others who are dealing with what he did.

Sean struggled with addiction his entire life, which made his connection with his father problematic. But after he changed his life around and committed to serving the community and assisting people who are struggling like he was, that began to improve. In Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 5, Sean will spend the majority of his time assisting Upton, who is also having difficulties as a result of her husband Halstead leaving the country for a job. White has made the following remarks regarding Upton and Sean’s relationship:

White’s first episode will see him paired mostly with Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), and he says they’re “kindred spirits,” noting that “he offers to be an outlet and a resource” as she continues to deal with her husband Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) leaving to work.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, showrunner Gwen Sigan contrasted the bond between Voight and Anna, who passed away in the Season 4 finale, to that of Sean and the Chief.

“It will probably be very similar to last season where we had Anna, and her storyline really became serialized, and I would say probably six episodes of it. We’ll do a very similar thing this season. We’ve got some great standalones and great cases that we solve… [O’Neal] will be coming back quite a bit in the first half of the season, as well as his son, who is played by Jefferson White. We’re very excited to have both of them.”

We will discover a lot more about Chief O’Neal, the showrunner Gwen Sigan promised TV Insider.

We’ll learn about his family. We’ll learn about where he comes from and how that differs from Voight [Jason Beghe] and how’s that the same from Voight. Their relationship evolves quite a lot in the front end of the season, and it’s been really fun to write.”

Who is Jefferson White?

Actor Jefferson White, who was born in Iowa, is most known for his roles in several television shows. In addition to Manhattan (2014), he has appeared in Yellowstone (2018), and The Twilight Zone (2019). Sean will be his most recent portrayal on Chicago PD. He Jefferson White is a ranch hand at Yellowstone who also enjoys riding broncos in his spare time. During the fourth season, he left Yellowstone to become a member of the 6666.

Chicago PD’s new episode will air on Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC. 

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