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Why Himiko Loved Izuku So Much, In My Hero Academia? Explained!

Himiko Loved Izuku

The manga has clarified the causes of Himiko Toga’s deep affection for Izuku Midoriya in the My Hero Academia universe. Toga’s history has gradually come to light throughout the series’ Final Act, exposing her unorthodox romantic outlook and the hostility she encountered from people around her. Toga’s obsession with Izuku appeared to be the result of an earlier crush she had on someone who looked similar to him.

When Izuku (also known by his hero name Deku) rejected her surprise confession, Toga’s emotions began to deteriorate as the final fights between heroes and villains progressed. She became quite irate at being rejected, which led to an altercation with Ochaco. In the most recent episode of My Hero Academia, Ochaco succeeds in getting past Toga, which sparks a touching exchange in which both the hero and the villain open up.

In the course of their conversation, Toga confesses that Izuku made her think of Saito, a boy she had once adored but was unable to pursue owing to her contradictory inclinations. Toga admits that she experiences sudden and powerful love, and she was pulled to Izuku’s vigor. She wanted to express her sentiments, but she was afraid of being called a freak for wanting someone’s blood.

Toga held this against Izuku and Ochaco because they reprimanded her in the same manner that society had. Toga didn’t start letting go of her deeply held loves until Ochaco finally listened to her and empathized with her.

It’s crucial to remember that Toga’s passion for Izuku has changed into hatred and violence against the world of heroes as a result of his rejection. Nevertheless, this information sheds light on the nuanced nature of Toga’s feelings and the causes of her obsession with Izuku.