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Is Post-Truth World’s Liu Li-Min Based on a Real Journalist?


Is Liu Li-Min Based on a Real Journalist? – Chen I-fu’s crime mystery movie “The Post World Truth,” which had a few limited releases in 2022, is about to make a big splash on Netflix this week. The film, which was directed by Dennis Wu and ran for two hours, was produced by Bole Film and Vie Vision Pictures.

Anchor A situation arises where Liu Li-min is being kept prisoner by a previously prominent sports figure who has since been convicted of killing his fiancée. Li-min participates in the stunt while also starting his own investigation on the ground, making the most of the chance to spread his fame around the globe. The film aims at the real media of today, which engages in sensationalism and succumbs to all kinds of tricks to spread the news.

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Is Liu Li-Min A Real Journalist

Is Liu Li-Min A Real Journalist?

Liu Li-Min is NOT based on any real-life journalists. He’s fictitious, created to heighten the stakes in the film. This persona was created for the sole purpose of emphasizing the novel’s central message. At first sight, “The Post-Truth World” appears to be a murder mystery, but as the plot unfolds, it becomes evident that it is actually a satire on the ability of social media to distort the truth for political purposes.

There are several causes besides Li-Min’s desire to see justice done in the Zheng case, Yi’s that pique his interest in the matter at the outset. Furthermore, he is doing all in his power to expand the number of subscribers on his channel to one million, as this is the only way to guarantee the continuance of his show. He is so dedicated to this goal that he constantly has the camera rolling and looks for opportunities to get online notoriety. When kidnapped by Zheng-Yi, rather than immediately phoning the authorities to report the incident, he begins a live feed of the kidnapping instead.

Given his intimate familiarity with the influence of social media, Li-Min is constantly employing it to shift public opinion about Zheng-Yi. At first, everyone suspects he did the crime. After Li-YouTube Min’s video on the subject, though, the discussion quickly breaks apart. By the film’s end, millions of people have taken an interest in the events depicted, which benefits Li-Min because he can now get the one million subscribers he needs to keep the show going.

This reflects modern culture, where people pay more attention to the perspectives expressed than the actual information presented. Many media outlets, rather than concentrating on informing the public and investigating issues, now prioritize keeping their viewers’ attention at any cost. The authors’ goal in highlighting social media’s positive and negative aspects was to bring light to the current state of the globe. The technology may help some tell the truth, but it might also be used to alter the facts by others completely.

While Li-Min is a work of fiction, he is representative of real people who has been socialized to base their evaluations of success on external factors and to manipulate morality and decency to achieve their own ends. Li-Min is a very believable and approachable protagonist since he closely resembles real people in many ways.

You can stream “Post-Truth World” on Netflix with subscription.

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