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Where is ‘Outlast’ Contestant Joel Hungate Now?

Who is Joel Hungate

Where is Joel Hungate Now? – “Lone Wolves” is an American term for introverted outdoor adventurers, which perfectly describes sixteen individuals selected for the reality show “Outlast.” On this show, they’ll compete for $11 million to be the last person standing in Alaska’s freezing wilderness. Some of them are deluded alpha males who last about 10 minutes before the medic team arrives with internet and coffee for them. Most of them, though, are sincere; most were raised in poor towns with semi-prepper grandparents or in nearby forests where life was simpler once they learned how to collect rainwater and build traps for food.

Joel Hungate was one of those survivors from season 1; fans are eager to know his whereabouts now. Let us take a closer look at his journey so far!

Who is Joel Hungate?

At 33 years old, Joel Hungate entered the Netflix competition hoping to win a million-dollar prize awarded to the team, which could outlive everyone else. After being assigned to Delta Camp with teammates Jordan Williams, Paul Preece, and Dawn Nelson after the casting was split up, these four felt isolated because other teams didn’t want them. So they banded together with determination to prove everyone wrong.

Soon after the competition started, Delta Camp emerged as the only team to retain all four original members. This gave the group confidence and caused them to bond over shared interests and families. Jordan’s competitive spirit and enthusiasm inspired his teammates; unfortunately, they eventually collapsed due to a lack of food supplies.

After Jordan was evacuated for medical reasons, he left a handwritten letter encouraging his teammates to stay strong and play for their loved ones. Joel, Dawn, and the others were left in tears as they grieved the loss of their fallen comrade. But Joel and Dawn were even more shocked when Paul abandoned them all to join Charlie Camp!

Enraged and hurt by Paul’s apparent betrayal, the remaining members of Delta Camp confronted him and questioned his loyalty. The tension between the groups increased when Delta Camp’s base was robbed and their sleeping bags taken. Joel and Dawn suspected Paul’s new team but then noticed an unfamiliar raft on their side of Neka river, leading them to believe someone from either Alpha or Bravo Camp may have committed the robbery.

The situation became more complicated when other camps attempted to prevent Delta from allying with Bravo Camp. Alpha Camp raided Javier’s base, while Charlie Camp prevented Delta from finding refuge on their side of the river. Exhausted and fearing another night without proper gear, Joel and Dawn decided to exit the competition. Despite all that had transpired so far – including leaving behind their dream of winning $1 million – they had formed an incredible bond and learned valuable survival skills along the way – Joel Hungate stood tall as a tenacious competitor who worked hard for his team until the very end.

Where is Joel Hungate Now?

Joel Hungate currently living in McCordsville, Indiana, and he has continued to hone his survival skills and accomplished several mountaineering expeditions. During one such trek, he assisted those injured during a rock slide incident in West Mongolia and was among the first people to reach the summit of a mountain. Beyond his outdoor skillset, Joel is also an engineer and healthcare professional.

Joel serves as Director of Hancock Wellness and Employer Strategy for Hancock Regional Hospital, acting as a mental health advocate and leading their Infrastructure of Well-Being initiative. Married with three children named Max, Charlotte, and Amelia, Joel finds great joy in spending time with his loved ones while engaging in outdoor activities that bring him joy.

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