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“Tár” Teaser Trailer Reveals Cate Blanchett Plays in Terrifying Look


For Todd Field’s new film “Tár,” Cate Blanchett is changing again onscreen, this time into a renowned classical pianist. Fans are getting a better look at the surreal movie, whose premiere is scheduled for October after a sneak peeks in July. Continue reading for information on “Tár,” including the plot, the entire cast, the trailer, and the release date.

“Tár” will premiere at the Venice Film Festival and then open in a few theatres on October 7 before expanding to all theatres on October 28.

A trailblazing lady struggling with her talent, swimming in the depths of it, and the toll it takes on people closest to her instead of a classical music drama. The story centers on Lydia Tár, played by Blanchett, who is the first female chief conductor of a significant German orchestra and is regarded as one of the best orchestra conductors in history.

The most recent trailer for the movie plays frightening sequences, featuring interactions with unsettling animals at various moments. Watch trailer below

A Focus Features production directed by Todd Field, additionally, starring Nina Hoss, Noémie Merlant, Sophie Kauer, Julian Glover, Mark Strong, and Allan Corduner.

“Tár” is Field’s first film since 2006, and he previously directed the drama “In the Bedroom,” which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001.

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