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Netflix’s My Lover My Killer 2×01 – Where Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents Now?


Where Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents Now? – Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles endured their darkest nightmare in October 2016 when police informed them of their daughter Alice’s murder. Alice’s parents suspected her ex-boyfriend Trimaan Dhillon of murder after discovering her body with a cut-throat in her Rawling Road, Gateshead home. The first episode of season 2 of Netflix’s crime series ‘My Lover, My Killer‘ describes Alice’s murder and its impact on her parents. Let’s investigate further to determine what happened to Alice’s parents and why they vanished.

Where Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents Today

Who Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents?

Alice Ruggles was one of four children reared by Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles in Leicestershire, England. Everyone who knew Alice’s parents liked them since they were always willing to provide a hand in any circumstance. They were well-known throughout their adopted community of Tur Langton. According to those who know Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles, they are a kind couple who take their parental obligations seriously and provide their children with all they need.

In addition, they have a history of being nice to everyone who walks through their door; even complete strangers have reportedly felt comfortable there. Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles were described as the type of parents that would always support their children, including Alice, and encourage her to pursue her goals. However, they were oblivious to the catastrophe that would permanently impact their lives.

Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles learned of Alice’s death on October 12, 2016, when police officers knocked on their door to deliver the devastating news. When police attended to a 999 call from a home on Rawling Road in Gateshead, they found 24-year-old Alice motionless and covered in blood on the bathroom floor. An initial medical examination found numerous bruises on her body, including defensive wounds on her hands, but by the time help arrived, the victim had already passed dead. Alice, who was 24 years old, battled fiercely for her life but was ultimately overcome by her murderer, who sliced her throat, according to an autopsy performed after her death.

Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles were uninformed of the details surrounding the murder, but they had a sneaky hunch that Trimaan Dhillon, Alice’s ex-boyfriend, was involved in her death. Strangely, Maxine McGill, the victim’s friend who made the initial 999 calls, also identified Trimaan as the murderer, and he was swiftly identified as a suspect. Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles disclosed their anxieties about Trimaan and their experiences seeing his mental and physical abuse of their daughter upon being questioned.

Alice stopped her relationship with Trimaan due to his overbearing behavior, yet he continued to pursue her. Alice’s ex-boyfriend hounded her with phone calls, emails, and texts before eventually lurking outside her residence. Alice, age 24, reported being harassed by Trimaan, who constantly rang her doorbell and knocked on her window, according to the news. Despite this, the police took no action, and on October 12, Trimaan broke into Alice’s home and brutally murdered her.

Where Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents Now?

Authorities eventually captured Trimaan after forensic evidence tied him to the murder of Alice. Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles summoned the courage to confront Trimaan, the murderer of their daughter, in court, and their testimony was critical to his conviction and subsequent imprisonment. Despite their desire for quiet in the trial’s aftermath, the couple has made public appearances to oppose Trimaan’s early release. If the United Kingdom relocated Trimaan to India, he would only serve the minimum of his 2017 sentence of 22 years to life.

Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles were certain that their daughter Alice would still be alive if police had taken stalker allegations more seriously at the time of her death. As a result, they partnered with police officers to develop a protocol for reacting appropriately to accusations of stalking and harassment. In addition, the couple established a trust to assist other victims of stalking and raise awareness of the issue. So that no one else has to endure what Alice experienced, her parents are now lobbying for more stringent restrictions against those with a history of stalking. The determination of Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles in the face of hardship is inspiring.

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